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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am Manda. I am recently married (June 5th) to the man of my dreams, we just bought a house and relocated 2 hours away from where we were living before.

We have
three 12 week old kittens



And 3 chinchillas, 7 month old Persephone(white mosaic), 4 week old Apollo(white mosaic) and Artemis(ebony). There is not good pictures of them yet. We adopted Persephone and had no idea she was pregnant, 4 weeks ago she popped out 2 babies. I went into the studio to check on her and there were 2 extra tails in the cage. In about 6 weeks we will need to find Apollo a home so he won't get the girls pregnant.

is my blog, a catch all of sorts, I do not have the stamina to maintain multiple blogs for my different endeavors. I live spherically, in many directions. I am an artist of many mediums, paint, charcoals, paper, crochet, knit, dance, sewing, origami, beads, I am just all around crafty. I will update the best I can, we will see how this new endover goes.

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