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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gotta get healthy

So DH and i are thinking about having a baby, and with that i know i need to be heathier. so the plan is to track the things i eat. hopfully that will also lead to some weightloss. starting today...

so far i have had a baja beef chalupa and a soft taco supreme, and shared a dr pepper with dh. we just grabbed something to have after we went to SSA to change my name. dinner will be thin cut tritip, white rice and salad. but right now i am gonna have a mushroom turnover thing.
i was looking for a diaper service here and i can't find any good information. i hate the idea of putting all that plastic diapers into the landfill. and if my babies are like i was, my skin was way too sensitive to have the desposable diaper one. so we will see how long i will keep up this healthy thing :)

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