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Monday, March 29, 2010


Long time, no post!!
So, Ravelympics is a yarn crafty Olympics type thing, hosted by the fabolus site Ravelry.
You pick a team and pick events to enter. You make a project in the same time frame as the real Olympics and post said project to the site. In return you get awesome blog badges. Well here are mine.
I am a....
My Teams
Team Pibble Pride and The Flaming Hooks

Medals(badges) Won

For a kitty cuddle blanket

For some baby photo props commissioned by Sweet Pea Photography



For a lovely shrug with a crossed back

For an awesome latias shawl

For a cute little flower cuff

A simple pair if fingerless mits

For some flower headbands going to Second Sister

For finishing a tunic I have been neglecting for awhile

For taking apart some neglected and unloved projects



I only could not finish one project
A large lace weight shawl. I was just too many more stitches and my wrist was killing me.


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