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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


this is the first BFN since we decided to TTC, and boy are the cramps terrible. the food thing has been going ok. had a few slips the last few days. i thought it might have been a pregnancy but it was PMS, i was almost 2 weeks late. anyway, i just stumbled across this how odd. potty training from birth. it is a interesting idea, but i dont think i could get dh on board. it is hard enough to get him into the idea of cloth diapers. he had no idea that there was an option. i am just not into putting all the nasty diaper garbage into the landfill. i think i can handle the extra laundry. as far as cloth diapers go, i think i am leaning toward the all in one style. they are designed with a wet proof outer so there is no need for a diaper cover, put there are sure some cute ruffle butt covers out there. moving on i will have some crochet patterns up soon. after the move, my sketch pads have disappered. once they have been found i will put the pics and pattern up. you can checkout my flickr page. i am always down to do a custom piece.

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