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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sideways Scarf

Sideways Striped Scarf
In an effort to use up the last 150g of some NaturallyCaron Country yarn, I made this skinny stripe scarf for my sister.

By using different colors combined with different heights of stitches, creates varying widths of color stripes.

Items needed:
approximately 150g total of sport weight yarn in 3 colors (A, B, C)
4.00/G hook

Stitches used:
ch/chain sc/single crochet
hdc/half double crochet
dc/double crochet
Notes: Joining new colors with out a slip stitch~In order to avoid having to slip stitch the new color on to the work and having a chain to start, I join new colors as follows~ Tie a slip knot, place hook in the loop, preform indicated stitch in beginning stitch. If the row begins with a sc: insert hook into stitch, draw up loop, yarn over draw through both loops. If the row begins with hdc or dc: yarn over, insert hook in stitch, draw up loop, yarn over, draw through 2 loops(for hdc, draw through all 3 loops), yarn over, draw through remaining 2 loops.

To be honest, I didn't count the chains to start the scarf. I just chained multiples of 10 till it was long enough to wrap around my neck with about 18" on either side hanging.

To begin:
chain enough to feel comfortable
Row 1) With color A, sc in all stitches, end off
Row 2) With color B, hdc in all stitches, end off
Row 3) With color C, sc in all stitches, end off
Row 4) With color A, dc in all stitches, end off
Row 5) With color B, sc in all stitches, end off
Row 6) With color C, hdc in all stitches, end off
Row 7) With color A, sc in all stitches, end off
Row 8) With color B, dc in all stitches, end off
Row 9) With color C, sc in all stitches, end off
Row 10) With color A, hdc in all stitches, end off
Row 11) With color B, sc in all stitches, end off
Row 12) With color C, dc in all stitches, end off
repeat rows 1-12 until desired width. This stitch pattern can be used for blankets as well.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Crochet Christmas Ornament

Lacy Crocheted Christmas Ornament
This is an idea that can be adjusted to any shape ornament.

Size 10 Thread
1.75 mm Hook
Yarn Needle
2.63" Round Glass Ornament

Special Stitches:
dc2tog~Yarn over, insert hook into space specified, yarn over, draw up 1 loop, yarn over, draw through 2 loops on hook, yarn over, insert hook into same space, yarn over, draw up 1 loop, yarn over, draw through 2 loops, yarn over draw through remaining 2 loops.
:::For personal use only, Please:::
Here we go::
Round 1) Make sliding ring, ch2, dc in ring, ch2, (dc2tog in ring, ch2)x7, slip stitch in the top if the first dc, not the beginning chain, pull sliding ring closed
Round 2) Slip stitch into the ch2 space, ch2, dc in same ch2 space, ch2, dc2tog in same ch2 space (dc2tog, ch2 in next ch2 space)x7, slip stitch in the first dc
Round 3) Slip stitch into ch2 space, ch2 dc in same space, ch2, dc2tog in same space (ch1 dc2tog ch2 dc2tog in next ch2 space)x7 ch1, slip stitch in the first dc
Round 4) Slip stitch into ch2 space, ch2 dc in same space, ch2, dc2tog in same space (ch2 dc2tog ch2 dc2tog in next ch2 space)x7 ch2, slip stitch in the first dc
Round 5) Slip stitch into ch2 space, ch2 dc in same space, ch2, dc2tog in same space (ch3 dc2tog ch2 dc2tog in next ch2 space)x7 ch3, slip stitch in the first dc
Rounds 6-9) Slip stitch into ch2 space, ch2 dc in same space, ch2, dc2tog in same space (ch4 dc2tog ch2 dc2tog in next ch2 space)x7 ch4, slip stitch in the first dc
~At this point you would want to weave in the beginning thread tail and fit the ball into place and crochet around it. Pictured here
Round 10) Repeat round 5
Round 11) Repeat round 3 (yes, round 3)
Round 12) Repeat round 2
Round 13) At this point it is going to be super tight, sc in each ch2 space and between each set of dc2tog(the sets that look like Vs) 16sc total.

Finish off and weave in ends.
Note: If it is possible to remove the metal top of the ball, do so before round 13. After weaving in ends replace the top, pushing the teeth of the top into the thread.

If there is any errors please drop me a note.
Good luck!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lets make something!!

I feel stressed. the sept wedding is coming up fast. my family is freaking out. i need a hug. i think i am going to work on christmas stuff. baby sis is getting a hooded scarf if i like the way it looks when it is finished. i am using a pattern for the book Contemporary Crochet wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


this is the first BFN since we decided to TTC, and boy are the cramps terrible. the food thing has been going ok. had a few slips the last few days. i thought it might have been a pregnancy but it was PMS, i was almost 2 weeks late. anyway, i just stumbled across this how odd. potty training from birth. it is a interesting idea, but i dont think i could get dh on board. it is hard enough to get him into the idea of cloth diapers. he had no idea that there was an option. i am just not into putting all the nasty diaper garbage into the landfill. i think i can handle the extra laundry. as far as cloth diapers go, i think i am leaning toward the all in one style. they are designed with a wet proof outer so there is no need for a diaper cover, put there are sure some cute ruffle butt covers out there. moving on i will have some crochet patterns up soon. after the move, my sketch pads have disappered. once they have been found i will put the pics and pattern up. you can checkout my flickr page. i am always down to do a custom piece.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Kid Graduated

For my cousin, Jaye Sean, the idea of graduating was always a little questionable. well yesterday he did it. her graduated. so we had a party at his mom's house. Lots of food, lots of people, lots of music and lots of family awkwardness. Started with my sister's boyfriend. he continued to tell the whole damn party that i was pregnant over and over again!! for the record-i am not pregnant, i hope to be, but as of right now i am not- and in between the comments about my pregnancy he had to pick on me being unprepared for the wedding in september. dh didn't come with me, he had to work. if he had been there i doubt that he would stand for sisters bf bull shit. i couldnt wait to get out of there. well i loved seeing my parents and my sisters but sfb was a really ass this time around.

food wise: yesterday: cruosant, a hamburger, chips and fruit salad, tritip, broccoilli, half a baked potato, and mushrooms

today:pb&j, tuna sandwich, necturine, pretzels, red sauce pasta

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Stray

So, when we moved in there was a stray tabby cat in the backyard. not a problem for me. i figured that she would leave when we started living there. well, not the case. she had 2 orange babies under a bush in the backyard. we found them while DH was watering the yard. they were older and able to survive without mom. so i took them in and found a rescue to take them and get them adopted. that resuce AFRP gave us a trap to catch the mom and they will pay to get her spayed, we just had to do the transport to the vet and pick her up again to release her. yesterday we trapped the stray and now i am taking her to the vet at 8:15a. i am ready to not have the possibility of more kittens in our yard. there is so many unwanted animals out there now. i need to do my part and help them out.
people are so irresponsible to have an animal that is loose and not fixed.


on the menu today:
some fruit and a pb&j

raman with vegies and leftover steak Changed my mind, i had 2 small steak wraps and a nectarine

chicken, rice and green beans

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gotta get healthy

So DH and i are thinking about having a baby, and with that i know i need to be heathier. so the plan is to track the things i eat. hopfully that will also lead to some weightloss. starting today...

so far i have had a baja beef chalupa and a soft taco supreme, and shared a dr pepper with dh. we just grabbed something to have after we went to SSA to change my name. dinner will be thin cut tritip, white rice and salad. but right now i am gonna have a mushroom turnover thing.
i was looking for a diaper service here and i can't find any good information. i hate the idea of putting all that plastic diapers into the landfill. and if my babies are like i was, my skin was way too sensitive to have the desposable diaper one. so we will see how long i will keep up this healthy thing :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am Manda. I am recently married (June 5th) to the man of my dreams, we just bought a house and relocated 2 hours away from where we were living before.

We have
three 12 week old kittens



And 3 chinchillas, 7 month old Persephone(white mosaic), 4 week old Apollo(white mosaic) and Artemis(ebony). There is not good pictures of them yet. We adopted Persephone and had no idea she was pregnant, 4 weeks ago she popped out 2 babies. I went into the studio to check on her and there were 2 extra tails in the cage. In about 6 weeks we will need to find Apollo a home so he won't get the girls pregnant.

is my blog, a catch all of sorts, I do not have the stamina to maintain multiple blogs for my different endeavors. I live spherically, in many directions. I am an artist of many mediums, paint, charcoals, paper, crochet, knit, dance, sewing, origami, beads, I am just all around crafty. I will update the best I can, we will see how this new endover goes.


Soledad, Ca, United States
I love to smile! I rarely do anything that won't make me, or someone else, smile.