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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Stray

So, when we moved in there was a stray tabby cat in the backyard. not a problem for me. i figured that she would leave when we started living there. well, not the case. she had 2 orange babies under a bush in the backyard. we found them while DH was watering the yard. they were older and able to survive without mom. so i took them in and found a rescue to take them and get them adopted. that resuce AFRP gave us a trap to catch the mom and they will pay to get her spayed, we just had to do the transport to the vet and pick her up again to release her. yesterday we trapped the stray and now i am taking her to the vet at 8:15a. i am ready to not have the possibility of more kittens in our yard. there is so many unwanted animals out there now. i need to do my part and help them out.
people are so irresponsible to have an animal that is loose and not fixed.


on the menu today:
some fruit and a pb&j

raman with vegies and leftover steak Changed my mind, i had 2 small steak wraps and a nectarine

chicken, rice and green beans

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